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Zerman’s Crossing

Part of the AD&D™ module Devilspawn™ by Len Lakofka, sequel to the two early TSR classics The Secret of Bone Hill and The Assassin’s Knot. Devilspawn™ is available as a free download under Devilspawn.


Part of the german Labyrinth Lord™ adventure Schatten über Dolmvay™ by Marc Geiger and Moritz Mehlem. Published by Mantikore Verlag.

Southgate Area

This map was commissioned by Greg Svenson, player in Dave Arneson’s First Fantasy Campaign in Minneapolis / St. Paul. The map shows a part of the land ruled by The Great Svenny, Greg’s character in that campaign.



Another map commissioned by Greg Svenson.

Kroten Castle

Part of Len Lakofka’s new follow-up module to Devilspawn™, soon to be published by Dragonsfoot Publications.